BarnVista: Process

Advancing Process

Increasing the Efficiency and Effectiveness of Your Organization 


Businesses use several different systems to manage day to day activity (accounting, payroll, production, etc.). Such systems provide structure for many specialized processes and metrics of the organization. However, these systems do no easily address other existing, inter-connected operational and managment activities, and such legacy systems are often times difficult and costly to integrate with remote locations and personnel.

BarnVista is a web-based, interactive tool creating opportunity for personnel to quickly access and understand activities.  While also managing your assets that are not otherwise tracked, visible or connected through other legacy mamangement systems.  The use of dashboard reporting and cross-functional interaction provides the user with an interface to manage more efficiently by exception and provide a platform for continuous improvement activity. 

Manage by exception, navigate through dasboards and report links

Work Order Management
Capture necessary information to review, approve, redirect and manage

Policy & Protocol
Indexed for reference, track user acknowledgement, report exceptions

Assemble and create standards, report compliance trends, evaluate corrective action

Training and Testing
Assess proficency of Protocols, Policies and Standard Operating Procedures

Asset Management
Define and store asset and activity for reference and analysis

Site Management
Define a site customized to user requirements, create a clear hierarchy for personnel connected to each site

User Management
Push information to users based on defined hierarchy to communicate and monitor most efficiently and effectively

By eliminating the requirement for hardward and software installs, and by the interactive and intuitive design of BarnVista, the gap between other legacy systems and remote locations closes and a structure for continuous improvement is provided.