BarnVista: Work Order Management

Work Order Management

Work Order Management is a critical function performed by businesses everyday. The objective of this feature provides for a structure that facilitates the necessary information and forces an assessment and resolution to align expectations (i.e. deadline) within available resources (i.e. estimated completion date). The benefits to the user will either streamline or better define proper work order management principles.

The work order management features of BarnVista provide value beyond these basic functions by providing the opportunity for the user to link activity to user-defined assets, deficient standards identified during compliance audits and increase efficiency and effectiveness of visibility and communication of activity across remote locations, inter-departmental functions and escalation of events that may require evaluation or intervention by management personnel to assist with decisionmaking.

Create work orders - Work orders are created at site level to track with a specific site or are created from a compliance audit where a deficient standard is identified.

Document work order activity - System provides for work order activity to be captured as comments, labor and equipment utilized, supplies used and other miscellaneous charges that are incurred.

Manage work orders - Work orders structure provides for a Responsible Party (RP) to assign to an employee or approved vendor (AT). Deadlines and “emergency” declaration are managed by RP and estimated completion dates (ECDs) are managed by (AT). Alerts are generated and escalated as these dates become past due.

Integrate with vendors - A vendor portal of BarnVista is available which provides for work orders to be received directly by a vendor and communicate directly with user.

Reporting / Management - Work order reports and grids are available to navigate, assess and update work orders based on differences between deadlines and ECDs.  As well as past due/emergency priorities, and unacknowledged alerts for work orders.

Integrate with Accounting Systems - *Future Development* Provides the user access to process invoices for services documented through BarnVista.  Generate reports and approve services by authorized user as well as provide historical activity summary for services on a particular site and/or asset of the site. Data can be exported for import into accounting system to improve efficiencies.

Work Order Communication - Work Orders may be printed and/or e-mailed to parties that are external to the system. “Emergency” work orders are escalated to all roles immediately to provide opportunity for intervention.