BarnVista: Tools and Resources

Tools and Resources

Tools and Resources are required to provide communication, acknowledgment and understand proficiency of expectations of a business. Each business performs these functions in different ways and at varying levels of effectiveness. BarnVista provides three modules to facilitate what is necessary to ensure employees are supported and ready to execute through Policy/Protocol, Documents and Training/Testing features.

The Policy and Protocol feature allows a business to index, make available and track employee acknowledgement of the approved policies and protocols of the business. Rather than distributing paper copies and filing signed reports, the system makes these documents available through web access and tracks the employee’s acknowledgement of the document. Furthermore, administrators of the business are alerted to review and approve such policies as defined by the user.

The Documents feature works similarly to the Policy and Protocol feature with the exception that employee acknowledgements are not required. Rather, this is a function to allow the user to manage, distribute and store reference material often utilized.

The Training and Testing function provides an opportunity for the business to “test” or assess proficiency of standards and/or create awareness or reminders of standard operating procedures (i.e. new standards, seasonal activity, general update, etc.) and centrally distribute and administrate for remote locations digitally.

Policy / Protocol Indexing & Management

Upload and manage policies and/or protocols - User uploads documents requiring personnel sign-off and assigns to user-defined categories for indexing. Captures important dates for future review.

Control and distribution to personnel - Manage distribution to personnel by role and by site. System captures sign-off acknowledgements by personnel and requires sign-off by trainer as required.

Access digitally for review - Access and view through web-based platform.

Reporting / Management - Reports provide exception reporting for sign-off’s and review dates of managed policies and protocols.

Documents Management

 Upload reference documents - User uploads documents for reference/distributions purposes, but does not require sign-off.

Control and distribution to personnel - Manage distribution to personnel by role and by site.

Access digitally for review - Access and view through webbased platform.

Training / Testing

Create test questions and tests - Establish questions (generally multiple choice questions with a definite correct answer) to be assembled into tests.

Manage tests for training purposes - Distribute by site or by role for completion by personnel.

Monitor results - Tests are scored and compared to the desired pass % for the specific test.