BarnVista: Audit Management

Audit Management

Audit resources, internal or external, continues to become a more integral part of day to day business activity to meet increasing regulatory requirements, external quality assurance standards and internal continuous improvement management processes.

The audit features of BarnVista provides a structure for a business to incorporate and report compliance activity.  Satisfying managements reporting requirements, as well as distributing results and linking other features (i.e. work order features) to monitor and report status of corrective actions to assist with decision making.

Create user-defined standards - User defines standards providing for an objective analysis leading to a “pass” or “fail” conclusion by auditor. Each standard is defined by user as a “Critical”, “Major”, or “Minor” standard based on user-defined definitions for purposes of scoring.

Access global industry standards - User may access global standards managed by BarnVista. Each standard is defined by user as a “Critical”, “Major”, or “Minor” standard based on user-defined definitions for purposes of scoring.

Create audits - User compiles one or more standards into a audit for purposes of review by an auditor.

Manage audits - Audits are indexed based on user-defined categories.

Audit reports - Audit historical reports are available for reference to performance that documents the auditor, date of audit, score, number of deficient standards encountered, reference to work orders created on deficient standards as well as status of such work orders.

Standard Scoring - User defines a point system that dictates the points to be earned for a particular standard based on its classification (i.e. Critical, Major, Minor). For example, a Critical standard may be worth 10 points, a Major standard may be worth 5 points and a Minor standard may be worth 2 points.

Audit Reporting - User defines a required passing %, probationary % and failing % as calculated based upon the standards within the audit to provide for user to assess and benchmark performance across “like” sites and audits as well as trending score over time.

Custom Standard Reporting - User may review 1 or more standards individually over time for a specific period and based on the attribute of the “auditor” (i.e. internal or external) that is scored in similar manner to audits based on number of times a standard(s) is reviewed relative to the points assigned and earned to calculated a scoring %.

Adjusted Reporting - *Future Development* User is able to view audit results as “audited” and as “corrected” based upon approved completion of the corrective action taken through a linked work order design to address the deficiency.

Audit Communication - Audits may be viewed or emailed from the system to a approved distribution list for the audit upon completion.

Integration with Audit Service Provider - Audits of the user can be made available to a vendor/service provider that is both a user of BarnVista and engaged to complete external audits on behalf of the user.