BarnVista: What is BarnVista?

What is BarnVista?


BarnVista is an intuitive and accessible system designed to provide structure for management process, visibility of activity and validation of engagement.  

Feature Advancing Process Advancing Visibility Advancing Validation
Design Dashboard and reporting design facilitates user interface to manage more efficiently by exception. Web-based design provides for access where a mobile device or PC can connect to the internet through a browser and share information externally through e-mail. Provides a digital system to assist with facilitating reporting of compliance vs. tabulating and storing paper files.
Policy & Protocol  Structue provided to index approved policy and protocols.  Policy and protocol easily accessible over the web-based system by users as directed by central administration.  Policy and Protocol user acknowledgements tracked by system and monitored via reports.
Training & Testing  Structure provided to assess profiency of policy and protocol.  Training & Testing easily accessible over web-based system by users as directed by central administration.  Testing reports document and provide insight as to profiency of user policy and protocol.
Work Order Management  Structure provided to capture required work order information necessary for a successful outcome.  Work order infromation visible to responsible parties as well as management for review, intervention and/or redirection.  Work order features include linking activity to assets, audits and financial information satifisying several objectives (i.e. invoice approval for payment, historical activity, corrective action, etc.)
Audit  Structure provided to create or access standards and assemble into an audit for purposes of scoring and reporting historical trends at individual standard or audit level.  Audit schedule, results and status fo corrective action is visible by users accessing information.  Reports convey metrics as to compliance with standards and audits.

BarnVista is designed to be a web based system that limits the investment in installation of software on PC’s and mobile devices as well as provide access easily to remote locations and mobile devices.

Set up is designed to be simple allowing users to add sites or users, upload documents and begin navigation and use within minutes after login with minimal training required as compared to other complex systems (i.e. accounting systems, payroll systems, production systems, etc.).